I partook in MA Academy before the customized notebooks, laptop stickers, and flashy office space became a thing. Throughout the following years, MA Academy helped me with college planning and subject tutoring. Along the way, MA Academy also gave me a great advice on course selctions and extracurricular activities to interest myself with. They paid very close attention to my application progress, which includes brainstorming, proofreading and editing my essays. I'm very grateful for MA Academy's support.

- Admitted to Stanford


Sean C.

- Columbia University

Joanne G.


"I first came to MA Academy in my sophomore year in high school. They really got to know who I was as a person, and they use that to bring out my characteristics."

Charles W.

“I have been in MA Academy since fifth grade. MA Academy is truly something that had helped me throughout my high school years. ”

- New York University

- Admitted to University

  of Chicago

Julie M.

My experience with MA Academy throughout my sophomore to senior year of high school has been amazing. My tutor was always there when I needed help, and was very approachable no matter inside or outside of class. Not only has there been a significant improvement in my performance in school, math became a lot more fun and easy to tackle! Thanks a lot, MA Academy!

Kevin Y.

- Admitted to New 

  York University

What MA Academy did for me was not just giving me an A on my transcript or a 5 on AP courses, but showing me the right path for critical thinking. Apart from academics, MA Academy’s college counseling service also helped me tremendously. I was given the best advice throughout my college application process, which helped me succeed in college transition.

It’s been a real pleasure to attend classes at MA Academy. The teachers’ knowledge helps me with the study with IB Math HL and IB Chemistry HL. I was impressed by their knowledge and skills of teaching. It could be said, without any exaggeration, MA Academy was the one of the best tuition centers I had ever attended throughout my entire study. Teachers there were not only great advisors, but great friends. All the best.

- Admitted to University

  of California, San Diego

Derek C.

- Admitted to University

  of Chicago

I’ve had classes at MA Academy for several years, and classes there have definitely helped me improve. Sean helped me a lot with the SAT writing section by helping me go over all the necessary grammar rules. He had the patience and knowledge to help me work through individual problems I was struggling with. Yet, I was definitely a pretty weak math student, but with my teacher’s guidance I’ve become a lot more confident in my abilities. Sean’s math classes especially helped me, because Sean really knew exactly what I needed to focus on and he had lots of resources with which I could practice and master core concepts. I would strongly recommend Sean to anyone who needs academic help.

Dr. Dhahiri was invaluable to my growth as a chemistry student. When I first went to him for help, I was struggling with a lot of core concepts. My inability to grasp these concepts was really hindering my learning, but Dr. Dhahiri was really patient and took the time to show me how to understand them in depth, and since then I’ve consistently achieved high grades in chemistry. He’s a very patient teacher who doesn’t get frustrated, and has lots of very useful practice material.

Arushi R.

Our Students


- New York University

“I came here with dreams. It really helps you focus on, try and achieve that goal”

Brandon T.

I've used the Guaranteed College Counseling Program at MA Academy. Sean and his team are very result-driven. They did an mazing job throughout my high school and really helped me to hone in on what I needed to express to the admissions officers who I am and what I'm all about. I earned admission to all my desired schools Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth and Princeton. I'm headed to Princeton and I could not be happier. I highly recommend the services of MA Academy.

- Admitted to Princeton



Ryan L.

Got admitted to Stanford, Princeton, Tale and Columbia

"While I was applying for colleges, MA Academy were also super super helpful". 

- Stanford University